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Safe to make a sound is the first album released under the artist name ‘Ortense Blue’. If you’d like to listen this is the link to Ortense Blue’s songs on Spotify:-

The ‘Safe to make a sound’ EP is also available as a physical black vinyl-effect CD. If you would like to buy the EP that would be amazing! It’s available here from Music Glue (as a black vinyl-effect CD with booklet, or digital download). If you’d like me to sign it I’d be very very happy to!

These are some of my other songs, on Soundcloud:-

A scent of a memory

There’s something more tolerable about
a bulge that does not yield so easily.

A bald curve to clasp both hands around, that
fills and feels as if it’s growing into

you, but it never shifts a molecule
further than its perfect calibrations,

encircled with supportive striations,
immune to my stubby stroke of silent

thanks. For not being anything other
than my apple-wax scented standard lamp.

DM Bee

Published in The Guardian 10/01/2008

Book Review: Ecotherapy in Practice: A Buddhist model

I’ve been looking for a book to help me understand more about Ecotherapy, and then this came along. I have it in my bag with me all the time now; it’s become quite a precious object which I find quite a curious thing. It’s wonderful when you feel that way about a book isn’t it?

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Polymorphous Light Eruptions

“Polymorphous Light Eruptions are
what these appear to be.
Have you been sunning yourself more
than a fair lass like you should be?”

I felt confused, “Look Doctor,
sunbathing is really not my scene.
I’d rather sit inside with fly-free air,
cushioned as I read”.

“Uh-huh I see let’s have another look
at these mysterious stings.
Now have you taken herbal medicines
or eaten unusual things?”

“Er.. no the only drugs I’ve taken
were the ones I got from you,
and as for foods I’ve eaten, well
you’d have to blame my parsnip stew!”

“Eureka! there’s our answer,
you’ve been eating parsnip stew.
I’m afraid my dear these vegetables
are simply not for you.
You see the Parsnip is a vegetable
that can lead to PLE. It makes the skin
erupt in sunlight, causes rashing, sometimes
But I have a cure to help you with this
itchy, painful feeling,
for your stews now on it must be carrots
that you should be peeling.”

© DM Bee 2004

Polymorphous Light Eruptions (PLE) is a photosensitivity condition characterised by dramatic rashes which can appear either after sun exposure or touching/eating various plants, particularly parsnips. It is more commonly found in females and can be treated with extract of carrot (beta-carotene).


I gently label the
delicate rainbow planet that’s pulling
my gaze upwards,
making me raise my head, to face the
light coming through my window,
the too-bright darting daylight, bouncing
off of car chrome and bare midriffs and
into my eyes.

I smile in spite of myself.
It swoops higher, teasing
my curtain pole with its full belly.
And I feel the strength of the word: ‘bubble’.
It doesn’t correspond to this wisp of light, this
occasional eye of the atmosphere.

I remember how I used to get so annoyed
when my chewing-gum bubbles would pop.
Better not expect too much of this one.