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July 27, 2019

Image of trees on balsa wood using liquid emulsion


July 27, 2019

Ladies by DM Bee
Lyrics to my song Ladies

He couldn’t handle messy fruit

July 27, 2019

He wouldn’t handle messy fruit.
One pen, two pens, three arranged,
He’d swim to keep fear in pursuit

And only swam familiar routes.
Nibs lined up across the edge,
He wouldn’t handle messy fruit

Used fork and knife to comminute.
One pen, two pens, three arranged,
He’d swim to keep fear in pursuit

The water was his parachute.
Nibs lined up across the edge,
He wouldn’t handle messy fruit

Nightmares full of spitting grapefruit.
One pen, two pens, three arranged,
He’d swim to keep fear in pursuit

and home now, helpless, caught by fear,
as black ink soils white carpet.
He couldn’t handle messy fruit
He swam to keep fear in pursuit.

© DM Bee 2004


July 27, 2019

This image is a scan of a photo that was exposed onto balsa wood using liquid emulsion.

© DM Bee 2007

Wooden reminder

July 27, 2019

© DM Bee 2008


Well I’ll be stumped if I knew that
The trees in the woods could be hidden from view
By the sight of your legs you’re a giant
Your cankles they cover up all of my light
Those cankles they drown out all of my light

And who said my tree could be shaken
And what little leaf has been stumbled upon
by those boots tied around such thick ankles
and no little stars can we see in the sky
and all of the stars are now hiding their light
and the moon’s gone inside he was told he’s too bright
for you want to hide in your woods late at night
rubbing those cankles
that drown out your light

And now you’ve got chains round your ankles
and of all the stars you can see in the sky
you’ll still look to the darkness and not see their light
the moon’s in your hand and your clasping him tight
rubbing those cankles
in the dark moonless night
you have drowned out your light.

© DM Bee 2017

July 27, 2019

Go Peacefully

Go Peacefully
Go peacefully into that night
don't let the shadows hide you
turn your face toward the moonlight

Your day is over,
this day is over, this day is over

He kneels beside me
I touch his sleeve
See the pot of honey coloured liquid he is stirring
then his eyes close, his day is over
his day is over
The night begins for us

So we run, run, run run, run run run
So we run run run run run run run
We run in numbers
We are hunters, too
While you are sleeping,
we watch you

So for us desert foxes
the night must end
the eagle owl is watching as we tiptoe over cold sand
out night is over, our night is over, our night is over

And her eyes blink slowly
she's palest white
locked inside she doesn't feel the pain that's on the outside
our side
her day is over, her night is over, her time is over

© DM Bee 2015

July 27, 2019

My Music

June 21, 2019

Safe to make a sound is the first album released under the artist name ‘Ortense Blue’. If you’d like to listen this is the link to Ortense Blue’s songs on Spotify:-

The ‘Safe to make a sound’ EP is also available as a physical black vinyl-effect CD. If you would like to buy the EP that would be amazing! It’s available here from Music Glue (as a black vinyl-effect CD with booklet, or digital download). If you’d like me to sign it I’d be very very happy to!

These are some of my other songs, on Soundcloud:-

That you are here, that life exists, and identity.  That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.  Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Quote: Walt Whitman

June 4, 2019

A scent of a memory

May 22, 2019

There’s something more tolerable about
a bulge that does not yield so easily.

A bald curve to clasp both hands around, that
fills and feels as if it’s growing into

you, but it never shifts a molecule
further than its perfect calibrations,

encircled with supportive striations,
immune to my stubby stroke of silent

thanks. For not being anything other
than my apple-wax scented standard lamp.

DM Bee

Published in The Guardian 10/01/2008

Book Review: Accidental Genius: Using Writing To Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, And Content

May 12, 2019 2 Comments

Get rid of the internal critic and set your ideas and writing free with the techniques in this book


Book Review: Ecotherapy in Practice: A Buddhist model

September 13, 2018 1 Comment

I’ve been looking for a book to help me understand more about Ecotherapy, and then this came along. I have it in my bag with me all the time now; it’s become quite a precious object which I find quite a curious thing. It’s wonderful when you feel that way about a book isn’t it?


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